Asset to any project

Professional worksmanship

Last year, I had the experience of getting to know ARC Development as they assumed the reins of a delicate $1.42 million dollar right-of-way improvement project for us. There wasn't a lot of time for courtship or getting to know you meetings; they were quickly vetted and, within weeks of our meeting, dropped right into the fire tasked with completing a project, start to finish, within 6 weeks or incur liquidated damages. Further complicating matters, this project was high profile, under the spotlight of the county, and on an extremely well-traveled thoroughfare. They didn't flinch and managed every aspect of the project exceptionally well.

With a great deal of comfort, I can easily recommend them for any type of site development project. They are professional, courteous, compliant, and do not require oversight. Their office staff is equally as competent and efficient as their ield staff. They are an exceptional company with whom to work.

Euripides Panos - CBG

In my experience, with over 25 years in the construction industry, I have rarely seen projects run with the smooth efficiency that I observe each and every time we are given the opportunity to partner with ARC Development.

Eric Brethren - Senior Accounts Manager Preferred Materials, Inc.

ARC Development’s versatility to perform the many different scopes of concrete work has proven to be a valuable asset for my company, U.S. Water Services, Inc. Their flexibility in schedule, exemplary workmanship and overall willingness to adapt to our needs has been an instrumental part of the success of every project we have worked together.

Dave Schultz Jr. - Senior Project Manager U.S. Water Services, Inc.

ARC Development is a company that utilizes well-qualified people throughout the entire spectrum of work from; project manager to laborer, and the end results are proof of that.

Matt Norris - Senior Project Superintendent Nelco Construction, Inc.

We are highly impressed and satisfied by ARC’s workmanship and professionalism; they have always maintained an elite level of sophistication and a work ethic which is seldom seen among companies.

Kevin Baker - President RCT, Inc.